White House Rolls Out New IP Enforcement Strategy – We All Make Music

White House Rolls Out New IP Enforcement Strategy

Technology has rendered existing IP laws around the world obsolete. The White House made clear that they are aware of this situation today in announcing a new strategy for intellectual property enforcement.

Groups and businesses representing intellectual property holders hope that this strategy will increase their ability to effectively protect IP rights and that it will serve as an example to other countries. The new strategy consists of 33 action items that fall within six categories: leading by example; increasing transparency; ensuring efficiency and coordination; enforcing our rights internationally; securing our supply chain; and building a data-driven government.

One of the major concerns facing intellectual property holders in the U.S. are the problems posed by foreign-based web sites and other entities. With the launch of the new plan, the White House representatives have made clear that they are working on ways to address these problems.

In addition, there is an initiative aimed at gaining greater respect for U.S. intellectual property rights among the country’s global trading partners (that’s basically code for China).

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