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Electronic Press Kits (EPKs) come in all shapes and sized.  There is a right way to make an EPK, and a wrong way.  They can help a band obtain great shows, reviews, and press, but they can also take away opportunities if they are poorly constructed. Here are some surefire tips for making the perfect EPK.

Creation Options
There are several choices when creating an EPK.  You can go through a third party company such as Sonic Bids or Reverb Nation to create your EPK.  The upside to this route is many promoters and talent buyers know how to navigate through these widely used sites.  They also allow for easy updates if you aren’t that web savvy.

The downside is pre-made EPKs are not unique and have certain limitations, whereas building your own EPK allows for full flexibility and creative control.  It may cost a bit more to create an EPK from scratch, as you’ll likey need an experienced web designer, but it is often worth it.

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