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Tips For Presenting Concerts In Your House

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Have you ever wanted to throw a concert in your house? Not to be confused with house parties, house concerts are typically organized by people who have sizable living rooms, attended by neighbors and friends, and feature musicians looking for a change from the tedium of nightclub booking and performing.

Today, Concerts In Your Home announced the publication of their 2010 calendar and a free house concert guide. From the look of things, however, this guide is not geared for every type of musician. Find out why after the jump…

As the above video indicates, CIYH obviously does not cater to the kinds of folks who attended the last Steve Aoki or Andrew W.K. show. But for fans and players of folk and other stripped down musical genres, who often have trouble finding appropriate venues that present it, CIYH’s guide and database offer a wealth of intimate opportunities.

If you’re an independent musician looking for more gigs like these, go to this page to join the site’s database and begin looking for hosts and locations.

And all you folk fans with an inner concert presenter should download this free 24 page pdf and remember to bring $8-20 for the performer next time you attend a house concert.