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The Morning Tabs – September 24

by WAMM on September 24, 2010 · 0 comments

Photoshop killed the RIAA; a fake anti-piracy poster

Just kidding! Tabs!

  • All the New York-based readers will be excited to hear that NARIP is holding another seminar on how to get your music licensed for film and television at the Benjamin Cardozo School of Law on October 14. It seems like licensing has been the topic of discussion over the past six months, which of course means next to nothing as far as its ability to improve every artist’s lot, but still: worth attending. Event details.
  • But if there’s one thing that can improve every artist’s lot (especially the ones that are sitting on potential hits), it’s preparation, and so we turn your attention to Jay Frank’s checklist that every artist needs to look over before releasing a song.
  • Intellectual Property Czar Victoria Espinel proclaimed a couple days ago that she and the rest of the federal government are “trying to stay ahead or at least anticipate the problems we’re going to have in five years.” Given the bewildering speed at which content storage and delivery technologies are evolving and the uncertain statuses of copyright and net neutrality, Espinel’s comments are a reflection of some serious ambition.
  • Finally, as if you needed another excuse to join CD Baby: they’re currently offering $100 discounts on courses at Berklee College of Music.
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