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The Morning Tabs – November 16

by WAMM on November 16, 2010 · 1 comment

Some conflicting ideals in our Tabs today. What would Josh Groban think?

Today’s Tabs include an international royalty payment agreement, what to e-mail your fans, and how to acquire “coveted commodities” on the road.

  • The touring life is often stressful, and many musicians rely on a particular remedy to ease their stresses and relax during their down time. The “remedy” may be difficult to find or come across when you’re running low. One enthusiastic musician recently shared his tips on getting your hands on some “stress relievers.”
  • It has been pretty tough to give fans a great, but not too costly, incentive to buy your music. Josh Groban is offering an exclusive online streaming concert and Q&A for fans who buy a CD of his new album. The event is December 2nd, so be sure to get your copy of Illuminations before then to take part of this special Groban 2.0 event.
  • When you have fans signed up to your e-mail list, you may come across some road blocks as to what you should send them. The fine people at FanBridge have offered tips on what to e-mail your fans. Some of the suggestions might be basic and obvious, but friendly reminders are always nice and welcome.
  • PPL, a UK-based music licensing company, has partnered with the AFM / AFTRA Fund. The agreement will see non-featured performers on songs licensed in America receive royalties for plays in England, and vice versa.
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