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The Morning Tabs – March 8

by WAMM on March 8, 2011 · 0 comments

Congratulations, Spotify!

Today’s Morning Tabs feature a milestone for Spotify, a look at the real value of Facebook fans, practical advice from David J. Hahn, and a look at how to integrate your music into photo streams.

  • Let’s begin with the above graphic. Spotify announced today that it has one million paying subscribers. That number, according to Music Ally, constitutes 15% of their total user base. We’re not sure if that’s the ratio that the major labels are looking for in the U.S., but hey – one million subscribers is one million subscribers. That’s (at least) $5 million in revenue every month, just from subscriptions.
  • Ever since Soundcloud launched its desktop player and suite of tools earlier this year, it became pretty apparent that they were going to be pushing their service out there aggressively. Their platform’s latest expansion, a partnership with a company called Thinglink, will allow users to add Soundcloud audio to photo streams. If this announcement has you scratching your head, wondering how on earth this will help you, we have two words for you: interactive flyers.
  • Making a living from music doesn’t necessarily mean making a living from your music. David J. Hahn, the founder of the most excellent Musician Wages, reminds us of that fact in a post entitled How to Actually Make $50,000 a Year As a Musician, where he reminds us that teaching, playing background music or playing in a church represent some of the practical ways you can make real money playing your instrument.
  • Facebook fans and Twitter followers are obviously a valuable asset to any band, but how valuable are they really? Well, if you’ve got seven million Facebook fans like Tiesto does, they actually become pretty valuable. NPR Music explains.
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