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The Morning Tabs – March 30

by WAMM on March 30, 2011 · 0 comments

If you vote for Gwar, they will have sex with you.

The Morning Tabs on this fine Wednesday include swirling rumors about Rhapsody, two big, ambitious music video projects, a very, um, unique (enticing? for some people?) attempt to drive up votes, and a double standard in the cloud.

  • Independent labels and artists have a tough call to make. Turns out Rhapsody is approaching A2IM members about growing their non-interactive streaming (i.e. Pandora, streaming) service. Rhapsody wants labels to grant permission to stream music at what’s called a “pureplay” royalty rate, which is nearly 40% lower than the standard Copyright Royalty Board Rate. A2IM’s blog admits that every label has to make its own decisions, but it’s pretty clear that they’re hoping for some solidarity on this score.
  • Just as most media thinkers and experts have been pointing out that web video’s true nature is still being determined, we think that the music video still has a lot of growing and changing to do. Two interesting cases in point: Death Cab for Cutie is going to broadcast a live, scripted, one-hour, one-take promotional video for their upcoming single next week, and the very underrated Fredrik is streaming its new record, Flora, on YouTube in its entirety, with full video accompaniment.
  • If you thought that the labels would just sit back and take Amazon’s cloud locker service, you’ve got it all wrong. Like Daren Tsui’s mSpot Amazon’s basically relying on fair use statutes to protect them from having to obtain licenses for all the content it stores. Now Sony, which famously barked at Tsui during a MIDEM panel, is taking swings at Amazon’s service. And Amazon doesn’t seem too broken up about it, either.
  • Finally, if you and your band are trying to secure votes to win a contest, it is very important that you offer something compelling. Like sex, for example. That’s what Gwar’s doing! And we’re there’s somebody out there who’s into that. Somewhere. Somehow.
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