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The Morning Tabs – December 9

by WAMM on December 9, 2010 · 0 comments

Would you use music discovery app Soundhound to debut a single?

Today’s Tabs, which are late because I’m sick for the first time this year, feature interesting stats about Twitter, opinions on whether print or digital publicity is more important, and an unusual strategy for launching a single.

  • Have you been banging your head against the wall, trying your hardest to increase your Twitter following, with little to no success? Do you make music that appeals primarily to an older audience? According to a recent study by the Pew Research Center, audience age might be your problem.
  • Every band dreams of getting profiled in the pages of a glossy music magazine. But what if getting blog love is more important? PopMatters hit up several music publicists to get their take on whether print or digital exposure is more important, and their answers may surprise you.
  • Speaking of publicity, what do you do when some critic or some random hater/heckler on Twitter trashes your music? Do you take that frustration and anger and bottle it up inside? Do you do breathing exercises, repeat your calmness mantra three times, and let it go? Or do you retweet it to your followers, and let them wreak righteous havoc on the fools who would speak ill of you? Obviously, the answer is #3.
  • Finally, we’re sure you’ve heard of Soundhound and you’ve (probably?) heard of Secondhand Serenade. The band (that’s the latter) is going to premiere its latest single on the app (the former), three weeks before its official release on radio. Definitely an interesting idea.
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