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The Morning Tabs – December 17

by WAMM on December 17, 2010 · 0 comments

Write a song for the crew of STS-134!

Today’s Tabs include a song contest that’s out of this world (sorry), Myspace’s partnership with Reverb Nation, a bloc of Christmas songwriting advice, and Shazam’s move into the prognostication business.

  • We’ve pointed you in the direction of more than a few song contests over the past year, but this might be the coolest (or strangest) yet: the crew of the STS-134, the final Space Shuttle mission, needs music to listen to during their flight, which is scheduled to launch in April 2011. They’ve already gotten suggestions of established songs to play, but now they’re looking for original material. This is your chance.
  • A lot of media outlets and talking heads in the music business have been dogpiling on Myspace this year, calling it outdated, doomed, and worse. But recent partnerships with Facebook and now Reverb Nation pretty much guarantee that Myspace will remain an essential component of music promotion for at least another year or so. Check out a recap of what that partnership offers here.
  • December 25 is so close that it might be too late to do anything besides your Christmas shopping, but if you’re still planning on writing some Yuletide songs, or mounting some kind of holiday-centric campaign, here are some interesting pieces on those subjects, courtesy of Saint Etienne’s Bob Stanley and FanBridge, respectively.
  • Outside of Pandora, you could make the argument that Shazam is the most important music-related app out there right now. It’s got over 50 million users, it’s identified over a billion songs, and starting this year, it’s taking that user engagement and using it to predict which songs and artists will be big in the new year. Check out this press release about it, and ponder what that could mean for your future!
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