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The iPad As Musical Instrument?

Now that we have entered the iPad era (whatever that is), a whole new set of debates have begun. Currently, most people are focused on whether the iPad is going to save print media or not, but we think a far more interesting question is this:

Could the iPad become the newest, coolest instrument?

As the above video illustrates, it’s certainly capable of being a crowd-pleasing gimmick. But when you combine the fact that it can also be used to edit, record, and mix sound, that its screen size allows for everything from keyboard playing to loop-building to live DJ mixing (see below), the possibilities are kind of endless.

The iPad’s obviously new enough that people are still figuring out all its possibilities. At this point, only cats have begun to explore their sonic potential. But when you consider that you can buy the equivalent of a MicroKorg for $20 on the iPad, or that an unlimited number of plug-ins, pedals and gear can be stuffed into something the size of a hardcover book, it might not be long before someone starts developing a flight case for your iPad.