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The Indie Music Lobby Goes to Washington

Tomorrow hundreds of American music professionals will visit with Washington, D.C. legislators to “advance pro-music policies that improve the environment for music and its makers” as part of an event they’re calling the “GRAMMYs On The Hill” (more on that here).

Even though the lawmakers will be going gaga being in the presence of people like Garth Brooks, Kelly Clarkson, and Quincy Jones, the truly interesting attendees are the representatives of The American Association of Independent Music (A2IM) who aim to voice a number of issues to Capitol Hill.

The group consists of executives representing A2IM, ADA, Altissimo Recordings, Mack Avenue, Pandora, TAG Strategic, and Tommy Boy. Together they will be proposing a list of major issues they wish Capitol Hill to address, including:

  • The Performance Rights Act: In regard to the fact that it does not grant independent labels the means to collect royalties from overseas radio stations.
  • Copyright and IP issues: In regard to the on-going effort to protect copyright material, especially online.
  • The FCC’s ongoing work with broadcast spectrum allocation: Which involves where radio waves reach and how strong the signals are.
  • Government support of US artists abroad: In regards to making a more competitive push by the US government to increase the export of U.S. musician’s repertoire. They will also propose the government aid US musicians and labels in order “to market our homegrown musical talent abroad.”

If A2IM successfully reaches the legislators, the government could soon play a larger roll in supporting independent musicians domestically and on an international scale. Independent musicians rarely get a chance to secure an audience with government representatives, so let’s all hope it goes well.