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First Music Videos Shot on iPhone 4: Not Half Bad

by Reinhardt Schuhmann on July 1, 2010 · 5 comments

One of the most impressive features of the iPhone 4 is its high-definition 1280 x 720 video camera.  What better way to show off the capabilities of such a camera capabilities than to make a music video?

And what better way to promote your band than to make the first? According to Gizmodo, two bands have already had this idea, and videos each claiming to be the first-ever music video shot entirely on an iPhone G4 have surfaced on YouTube.

While Flakjakt’s video (seen above) is undoubtedly the more polished of the two, The Anix beat him to the punch; the moody alternative rockers got their video on YouTube four days prior to Flakjakt’s.

But beyond the promotion that each band gets, both are a testament to just how snazzy the latest gadget from Jobs and co. is.

As CNET points out, the iPhone 4 camera is capable of producing some impressive video when placed in the right hands.  Most amateur videos aren’t going to get it together in terms of shot selection, lighting, and other production values on their home-made videos, but shooting on an iPhone 4 will not be what holds them back.

In addition, the iMovie App that Apple just released even allows editing to be done on the phone, as Michael Koerbel and Anna Elizabeth James did.  Their video, “Apple of My Eye,” lays claim to being the first movie that was entirely shot and edited on an iPhone4.

While Flakjakt and The Anix didn’t do their editing on the phone, Koerbel and James’s video proves that it is at least possible, and if someone rolls out a quality music recording and editing app, the way artists make music videos could be changed forever. Imagine being on tour and using your phone to shoot, record, and edit a decent video in three or four days.

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Dstreetstudios February 10, 2012 at 5:38 pm

not bad, but the 1st was not the best… check this one out…

Jack Ole October 29, 2012 at 5:37 am

I’ve made a video aswell, recorded on an iPhone 4S and edited in Final Cut X.

Equipment used:
Blue sheet for Chrome Keying
3 Spotlights
A tripod
An iPhone 4S

Check it out if you want, and write for assistance. 

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