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The Best Musicians’ Quotes About Record Store Day

We know that Record Store Day is technically tomorrow. But we’re going to be busy tomorrow (buying records, if you must know), so to get you in the spirit one day early, we’ve picked out our favorite statements and observations about this day of days.

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Jack White:

“I think it’s high time the mentors, big brothers, big sisters, parents, Guardians, and neighborhood ne’er do wells, start taking younger people That look up to them To a real record store and show them what an important part of life music really is. I trust no one who hasn’t time for music. What a shame to Leave a child, or worse, a generation orphaned from one of life’s great beauties. And to the record stores, artists, labels, dj’s, and journalists; we’re all in this together. Show respect for the tangible music that you’ve dedicated your careers and lives to, and help It from becoming nothing more than disposable digital data.”

William Bolcom:

Without a human contact in a store, the educational aspect of buying recordings is gone. Marketing becomes the only way to explore the choices, and this is one more case of market-force thinking actually taking away one’s freedom to choose.

Tom Waits:

“Folks who work here are professors. Don’t replace all the knowers with guessors keep’em open they’re the ears of the town”

Paul Wall:

When you walk into a record store its an escape for some of us. It seems like whatever situation you’re going thru in your life there is a song or artist that can describe it perfectly, whether its a happy feeling, or something bad, there’s an artist and song that can describe it perfectly. If I’m struggling with something in my life, then the right song will help me thru it. The record store is like a giant medicine cabinet. Its an environment of people of all walks of life that are professionals in what they do. The opinion of those people working at record stores are so important to me as a customer. They’ll tell me what’s good and let me know the truth on what’s only hype. They’ll tell me “when you buy this listen to track #6″ and might even say, “there’s only 2 really good songs on there, the rest is just B.S.” They know the history about the artists and music. When I buy music I want quality music. At the record store they can let me know what’s good, not just what the top seller is.”

Fat Mike (NOFX):

“If it wasn’t for independent record stores, I would be a San Fernando valley real estate agent.”

David Simon:

“The best feeling on earth is to be surprised by something you never expected to find in a book store. The second best feeling on earth is to be surprised by something you never expected to find in a record store. If it something used, or rare or out-of-print all the better. And, honestly, what are the chances of something like that happening in a chain store. I can spend three hours going through the stacks at a place like Sound Garden. It is never time wasted.”

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