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Technology Roundup

There’s never a bad time for a roundup of exciting new and improved music technology. Here are some highlights for all the music gearheads out there.

UK guitar and bass amp manufacturer, Orange, has released a PC in a Guitar Amp. The Orange PC (or OPC for short) will include Amp Modeling software and a Branded Recording software. The OPC is set to go on the market in June.

Toontrack, in partnership with software developers Overloud, has recently released EZMix, a software plugin for mixing that reduces the entire signal processing chain down to three sliders. This isn’t going to satisfy mixing board aficionados looking to dial in an acoustic masterpiece, but there are plenty of practical applications for getting a decent, down and dirty mix on the fly.

Soundhound, formerly known as Melodis, is giving away a new version of its Soundhound app for the iPhone and the iPad. The app competes with the better-known Shazam, but offers several superior features. Soundhound lets you type, speak, sing or hum the song into the microphone, not limiting users to holding up their device while the recording is playing. The app has been around for a while, but only has 5% of the market.

AKG releases the Perception 820 microphone. The Perception series is usually a budget level series from AKG, but this one is a tube mic with a full 1″ large diaphragm. It looks pretty impressive. This beauty retails for $899, pretty unheard of for a tube mic.

Finally, Japanese electronics company Denon turned 100 and is celebrating by announcing the release of their 2010/2011 product lineup. The new line up includes several premium headphone models, continuing Denon’s push into that market.