Rendered in Tweets: CMJ 2010 – We All Make Music

Rendered in Tweets: CMJ 2010

A growing number of people are using Twitter every day as a news-gathering resource. Hell, even professional journalists use them in celebrity profiles (even if they do it just to make a point).

But can you use Tweets to paint the picture of an entire event, one that’s experienced by hundreds, or even thousands, of people? We think you can, which is why we forced our poor interns to refresh Twitter every 30 goddamn seconds, looking for entries that capture what it’s like to attend this festival. CMJ, in Twitter form, after the jump!

There are “intimate performances” and then there are just cramped venues. #cmj

Most annoying #CMJ email so far: the well known brand saying, We can’t announce our shows yet… but check our twitter feed for leaks!

Someone needs to make a master list of free beer #CMJ shows

i’m getting a kick outta the fact so many djs only have 30 min sets this week #cmj

2 topics @ future of music panel @ #cmj: why music access hasn’t yet been enveloped in carrier subscriptions & new artist middle class..yea?

Just heard a bunch of NYU students explain CMJ – “It’s Country Music Journal…or something.” #cmj #pirateisland

I wonder how many pints of Ol Granddad I can fit in my murse… #cmj

“if #cmj were a girl, i’d be making sweet sweet love to her all week” …. and i’m guessing it would quickly become an orgy