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Rehearsal Space: Orba Squara

You probably already know the music of Orba Squara, even if you don’t realize it. Mitch Davis is the man behind the music. He wrote, recorded, mixed, created the artwork, and now performs (with his live band) the Orba Squara debut album, Sunshyness. It is truly an independent album, but Mitch has garnered widespread attention thanks to high profile commercial licensing, like the Apple iPhone commercial. In this episode of Rehearsal Space, Mitch talks about how he went from working with other artists to creating his own music on a multitude of organic instruments, including the often broken toy pianos he collects. He explains the importance of creative control, how he ended up licensing out his music to so many places, and explains what we can expect from Orba Squara’s second album he’s releasing later this year.

Producer: Mike Raffensperger, Katie Camosy
Director of Photography: Matthew Hendershot
Editor: Matthew Hendershot