Rehearsal Space: Lupen Crook and the Murderbirds – We All Make Music

Rehearsal Space: Lupen Crook and the Murderbirds

Since 2004, Lupen Crook has been a part of the underground folk scene growing out of London. Lupen joins with brothers Tom and Bob Langridge of the Murderbirds, to bring what the BBC calls “a rag-tag sonic assault” to the stage. Performing on a half-strung 12-string acoustic guitar and backed by a band playing everything from traditional instruments to hub-caps and beer kegs, Lupen Crook and the Murderbirds throw everything they’ve got at their fans, including the kitchen sink. In this episode of Rehearsal Space, the band shares stories of how the current line-up came to be, the recording of their second album in an abandoned brothel, and the breakout success taking them from a few guys playing in Chatham, Kent to an international act.

Producer: Mike Raffensperger, Matthew Hendershot, Katie Camosy
Director of Photography: Claudia Woloshin
Editor: Matthew Hendershot

Special Thanks: Ashley Dean