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Rehearsal Space: Les Savy Fav

It’s easy to see why Les Savy Fav have been called a godfather of independent rock. Formed in 1995, they found critical and cult success for their intelligent lyrics and outrageous live shows. In 2005, the band members took a hiatus to focus on other priorities. Despite speculation that Les Savy Fav had broken-up for good, they returned in 2007 with a series of blistering live performances. Their newest album, Lets Stay Friends, further solidifies their place as one of the best bands around today.

In this episode of Rehearsal Space, band members Tim Harrington and Syd Butler talk about why having creative control is more important to them than being on a label, what role ‘unprofessionalism’ plays in the band, and what advice they have for new bands.

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Producer: Mike Raffensperger, Katie Camosy
Director of Photography: Katie Camosy
Editor: Matthew Hendershot