Rehearsal Space: Kaki King – We All Make Music

Rehearsal Space: Kaki King

Kaki King is an instrumentalist known for her awe-inspiring guitar work. Using a variety of techniques, her ax handling has caught the eye of musicians and fans everywhere. Over the years her songwriting has matured, and while still characterized by florid guitar picking, it is now encapsulated in a larger melodic frame, making her songs more accessible and memorable.

In this episode of Rehearsal Space, Kaki talks about her introduction to music, being pigeon-holed by the press and her desire to be a “musician’s musician.” She goes on to discuss working under a 360 deal with her label, and offers advice on pursuing music-making as a career.

Click here to see a Deeper Dive from this episode, in which Kaki discusses an unfortunate moment she had while reading about herself in Rolling Stone.

Production Notes:

Producer: Katie Camosy, Mike Raffensperger
Director of Photography: Katie Camosy
Editor: Katie Camosy, Adam Brawerman
Production Assistant: Adam Brawerman