Rehearsal Space: Black Kids – We All Make Music

Rehearsal Space: Black Kids

Most musicians will tell you there’s no such thing as overnight success, but in 2007 indie pop band Black Kids experienced just about the nearest thing to it. After playing a set at the Athens Pop Fest, they handed out homemade CDs containing four of their songs. The bloggers in the crowd immediately spread those songs and word of the show all over the internet. Suddenly, Black Kids were tipped as one of the top new bands to watch.

In this episode of Rehearsal Space, Reggie Youngblood and Owen Holmes tell us about their start in Christian Rock, what it was like to record Partie Traumatic with ex-Suede guitarist and producer Bernard Butler, and what has been their biggest surprise of the past two years.

Production Notes:

Producer: Mike Raffensperger, Katie Camosy
Director of Photography: Matthew Hendershot
Editor: Katie Camosy & Adam Brawerman