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Rehearsal Space: Anton Newcombe

Everyone has an opinion about Anton Newcombe. He is a controversial figure, inspiring strong reactions of both devotion and criticism. In 2004, Ondi Timoner released her award-winning documentary Dig! that followed the lives and careers of the bands The Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Dandy Warhols for seven years. Anton has denounced his depiction in the film that propelled him further into the public spotlight.

As the founder and the only continual member of The BJM, Anton is well-versed in more than eighty instruments and equally competent at producing and running record labels. His musical prodigy and his influence on the current music climate cannot be denied. In this episode of Rehearsal Space, Anton talks about the process of making the BJM’s ninth studio album, My Bloody Underground. He explains how his non-music interests lead him to use multimedia in his art; for example, they’re releasing a video piece to go with every song on the album. Finally, Anton shares his opinions on the subjects of free music, criticism, and songs as performance art.

Producer: Matthew Hendershot, Katie Camosy
Director of Photography: Claudia Woloshin
Editor: Matthew Hendershot

Special Thanks: Stuart Flint, Ted Gardner