Rehearsal Space: Andrew W.K. – We All Make Music

Rehearsal Space: Andrew W.K.

Through music, Andrew W.K. has been able to pursue his many disparate interests. It’s led him from Michigan all the way to the Warped Tour, the cover of countless magazines, appearances on tv shows, lecture halls at Yale, articles in the New York Times, and now to the Santos Party House, his very own performance and party space in New York City. In this episode of Rehearsal Space, Andrew talks about the changes he saw first-hand as the music industry adapted from its Golden Era to the economical version of it we see today. He also discusses his ideas about the nature of public image, his creative cooperation with the audience, and why words can never accurately express how music affects people.

Click here to see a Deeper Dive from this episode, in which Andrew remembers imagining what his first major label tour would be like.

Producer: Megan Cunningham,Katie Camosy
Director of Photography: Claudia Woloshin
Editor: Matthew Hendershot