Rehearsal Space: Andrea Wittgens – We All Make Music

Rehearsal Space: Andrea Wittgens

Up and coming singer/songwriter Andrea Wittgens is a voice to behold. Her unique and eclectic style combines pop, jazz and classical influences for a sometimes whimsical, sometimes somber sound. Recently, Andrea caught the attention of mutli-platinum and Grammy-winning producer Bob Power who describes her as “the real thing.” Bob produced Andrea’s first EP as a solo artist “Alibi” which can be heard on her website, In this episode of Rehearsal Space, Andrea talks about the importance of the DIY mentality in the music biz, her transition into a solo artist and the impact technology had on the creation of her latest album.

Producer: Megan Cunningham, Mike Raffensperger, Matthew Hendershot
Director of Photography: Jeremy Leach
Editor: Matthew Hendershot

Special Thanks: Sue Corcoran