Rehearsal Space: Alex Suarez – We All Make Music

Rehearsal Space: Alex Suarez

Alex Suarez is a man of two minds, and two outfits. As part of the Brooklyn-based acoustic duo, This Is Ivy League, Alex strums a pop-folk guitar being heralded by the critical press as reminiscent of Simon & Garfunkel. As the bassist for Cobra Starship, Alex appears on MTV (in the Cobra-approved pink windbreaker and oversized sunglasses) and tours with other popular pop-punk acts like Panic At The Disco and Fall Out Boy. In this episode of Rehearsal Space, Alex talks about his decision to participate in two wildly different bands and the constant balancing act required to make them both happen. He goes on to discuss the production of This Is Ivy League’s debut album and future plans for both bands.

Producer: Mike Raffensperger, Katie Camosy
Director of Photography: Claudia Woloshin
Editor: Matthew Hendershot

Special Thanks: Dan Estabrook