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Reason to Consider Being a PC: Apple Keeps Tabs on Your Exact Location!

by Reinhardt Schuhmann on June 23, 2010 · 2 comments

Apple knows your exact location if you are using one of their products.

According to The LA Times, an updated version of Apple’s privacy policy states that, once users agree, Apple and unspecified “partners ad licensees” may collect and store their location information.  Users will not be able to download Apps on their devices until they agree to the new privacy policy.

Although Apple says the data is anonymous, it can’t be much of a stretch to figure out who’s using each Apple product. That’s a pretty unsettling thought.

The official purpose of collecting this data is to “improve (Apple’s) services, content and advertising.”  Apple also just released its new advertising platform, iAd, for the latest version of its iPhone operating system (iOS 4).  Seems like an opportune time to start figuring out user locations.  As the LA Times piece suggests, location information could be used to make advertising more efficient by targeting people based on where they are.

What’s going on, Apple?  You used to be the good guys, now you’re on this Big Brother tip: buying out streaming music services in order to shut them down, keeping tabs on your customers, building your products in factories where workers get so stressed out and sad they try to kill themselves?!!

Apple has always been great for music-related activities, but all the questionable stuff they’re up to is enough to make one think about getting a PC. 

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