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Music TV 2.0

America’s largest TV provider, Comcast, has launched a new channel that’s got our attention. It’s called ARC, or the A&R Channel, and it is dedicated to getting unknown musicians’ videos into the 17 million homes that Comcast serves. How are the videos chosen?

ARC will rely on musicians to submit their own videos, and fans to vote for plays. Sort of like Total Request Live, except ARC will actually play the videos all the way through. Oh, and with a million times more variety. The channel will also feature original shows, interviews, and live events, so remember to check the music section of the “On Demand” channel if you subscribe to Comcast Cable television.

The potential is huge for this channel to put previously unknown musicians in front of millions. Obviously, there will be amateur musicians such as this one, whose low-budget videos probably won’t receive many votes, but the voting process makes it possible for the best musicians to rise to the top. And to further sweeten the deal, the artists who are voted into rotation will also get to include a short clip introducing themselves and their music video.

We just told you about another crucial outlet for your music videos, so once you’re done with that, create a profile on ARC, upload your music videos, and start harassing your friends for votes.