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End Of Year Roundup: Our Friends’ Bests

All week, we’ve been hitting you with some top-shelf reviews of all the wonderful things that have been done by and happened for independent musicians. This is the recap.

Some of you have been following this series since Monday, but a quick rehash of what’s going on here: we invited friends at Tight Mix, CD Baby’s DIY Musician blog, Mic Control, The Musician’s Guide to World Domination, and Rockethub to recognize and celebrate some of the cool things that have been going on.

On Monday, Chris Robley from DIY Musician shone a spotlight on some of the most innovative touring tactics he’s come across this year, and Chris Bracco, who also contributes to David Sherbow’s Live Music Machine blog, devoted his time and energy to talking about the thriving field of music start-ups.

On Tuesday, Jon Ostrow of Mic Control shone a light on some of the year’s most important music videos, and Marcus Taylor of The Musician’s Guide wrote about the most interesting online marketing strategies pursued by independent musicians.

On Wednesday, Max took on the artists who threw themselves into emerging technologies, and Rockethub co-founder Brian Meece looked back on the year in crowd-funding.

On Thursday, well…you know what happened on Thursday.

There was a method to the madness involved in this project. Each of the people writing on these topics has spent the year investigating and watching these spaces carefully, and the work they put together is really impressive in every way.

It also, we think, points to the fact that a set of tools and strategies is starting to emerge for independent artists. Even though the music business is in flux, and even though it’s not clear what it’s going to look like at this time next year, it is clear that independent musicians are still equipped with the means to advance their careers.