Digital Music Sales to Outpace Physical by 2011 – We All Make Music

Digital Music Sales to Outpace Physical by 2011

There’s been a lot of talk about digital music sales outpacing those of physical recordings. Now there’s a well researched study that sheds some light on when that will actually happen.

PricewaterehouseCoopers “Entertainment and Media Outlook for 2010-2014” projects that digital music sales will overtake physical in 2011.

There you have it. It’s very likely that two years from now most music sales will be digital.

The report also predicts is that music sales will start to turn around in 2013, driven by online services that generate revenue from subscriptions and advertising. Spending on recorded music should be $27.9 billion by 2014, over a $1 billion increase from 2009 sales of $26.4 billion.

This increase is not going to bring back the mid-nineties platinum-sales-private-jet-champagne-popping era of the music industry, but it is encouraging to hear from a credible source that the business isn’t stuck in a never-ending downward spiral.