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We All Make MusicMusic making has changed dramatically in the new millennium. What once took a room full of expensive equipment and trained expertise is now achieved on a simple laptop. Being heard all over the world once required the support of powerful, entrenched interests. Now, all it might take is a single MP3 upload.

Partly because it’s so much easier to make and distribute music now, music is everywhere. We can’t live without music. Nobody can. But everybody running this site – and, let’s be honest, everybody else out there – knows that the current system is not going to survive. And because of the role that music plays in all of our lives, we feel that the people creating it deserve the chance to keep making it and to make a living doing so.

This site is dedicated to helping musicians make it on their own terms. Whether you’re a budding superstar hoping to take the next step or just a weekend rocker looking to pick up a few new tricks, we’re here for you. For musicians, by musicians, WAMM is a resource for news, tips and inspiration on everything the new millennium musician needs to thrive. Let us help you create, play, record, produce, promote and monetize your music the way you want.

Our stable of musicians, critics, managers, promoters and producers are working everyday to write blogs, score interviews, cover venues and produce video all for you – the real talent. On WAMM you’ll find do-it-yourself music making tips, stories of success from those who’ve made it, resources, research and news at the pulse of the ever-changing music industry.

Make better music with WAMM.