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2010 Highlights: Best Guest Posts

by WAMM on December 20, 2010 · 1 comment

Ever since this site launched back in March, we’ve spent a lot of time trying to solicit expert advice.

As a new site, this can be difficult. People had no idea who we were, and they were upset by our constant begging, by our late night phone calls, by the oil-smeared, battered boxes we’d leave on their doorsteps without return addresses.

But eventually, we did manage to convince some amazing people to sign on. A musician and producer who’s worked on records that have sold over 55 million copies; a guitarist in a band that made one of the year’s most critically acclaimed rock records; a shrink who specializes in treating musicians; the president and founder of an internationally recognized publishing and management company, to name just a few.

Here, without further ado, are some of We All Make Music’s best posts, written by other people:

  • A Democratic Solution to File-Sharing by Robin Millar. In the August issue of British GQ, U2 manager Paul McGuinness wrote an editorial called “How to Save the Music Industry.” It basically called for a culture-wide war on file-sharing, and Millar, who’s been in the game almost as long as McGuinness and his famous clients have, had a response that was both technologically compelling and culturally realistic.
  • The Complete Guide to Eating Healthily On the Road, Parts One and Two by Amy Klein. It’s hard enough to find musicians who can write well enough to trust with guest posts. Finding one who can write about everything from the emotional experience of growing as a performer to the state of feminism in indie rock is almost impossible. Except Amy Klein, who plays guitar and violin in Titus Andronicus, and heads Hilly Eye and Solanin, is the wonderful exception that proves the rule. We could have linked to any number of posts Klein wrote for us, but we thought this would be the best introduction.
  • Tips For Getting Your Music Licensed, Parts One and Two by Eric Herman. Unless you have the dough to pay for a consulting session at a music conference, or you’re signed up with an aggressive publisher, odds are that licensing music is something you don’t know a whole ton about. That’s where Herman, the president and founder of publishing company Modiba, comes in. Modiba’s provided music to companies ranging from NBC, CBC and Disney to General Mills, Mastercard, and Vodafone, and he offers you ten tips here, free of charge.
  • The Couch Sessions by Lisa Thaler, LCSW. Every career has its frustrations and its problems, but musicians have struggles that regular folks just don’t understand. Lisa Thaler, who works as a “rock shrink,” has devoted herself to helping musicians with these specific problems: band breakups, creative drama, performance anxiety, and more.
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