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2010 Highlights: Best Guest Posts, Volume Two

by WAMM on December 29, 2010 · 0 comments

Yeah yeah, we know: we’ve already showcased great guest posts of 2010, but there was too much to chose from, and we just couldn’t leave these out.

  • How to Sound Check, Part One and Two by Jake Lewis
    Some convoluted math. Getting your band a gig is half the battle, and the other half is performing well, and 60% of a good performance is sounding good, which makes this two part article on sound checks 100% essential.
  • Five Reasons For a Musician to Consider the Creative Commons by Marc Weidenbaum
    Our friend Marc Weidenbaum, who initially came on our radar thanks to the amazing Despite the Downturn compilation, offers an explanation of why Creative Commons is a perfect copyright solution for certain kinds of artists.
  • The Benefits of Playing Covers by Sean Mckeown
    Even if you’re just starting to write songs in a band, you ought to have a good sense of what your set looks like, and the only way to fill in the blanks is covers. In this article, Sean McKeown goes in depth on how to perform other artists’ songs and how doing so can raise your profile.

For a complete list of Best of 2010 pieces, click here.

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