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2010 Highlights: Best Festival Content

by WAMM on December 27, 2010 · 0 comments

Professionals in the music industry love to get together to share ideas with each other. After all, like The Beatles sang, we get by with a little help from our friends.

Festivals and conferences this year have been fantastic ways to network with all sorts of people and learn from each other. We were lucky enough to be able to attend some of those events this year and share with you, our loyal readers, what went down.

  • New Music Seminar Recap, Part Two: Some Words of Advice from Martin Atkins
    We are big fans of Martin Atkins. Not only does he have so much experience and wisdom to share, he does it so crassly and entertainingly. We wish more industry types were like him. At this summer’s New Music Seminar in New York, Atkins gave a short but oh so sweet presentation. They were insightful as usual, but definitely gave interesting, and disturbing, mental images.
  • What The Lawyers are Hearing
    It’s sometimes quite helpful to hear about an industry from a different perspective, and “Monetizing the Band: How to Be a Working Band in 2010” gave us that chance. The event, which took place at the New York Law School, was designed to give current and future lawyers a look at the music industry, and their take was both the same and different.
  • Scion Music(less) Music Conference Recap: Do You REALLY Need a Manager?
    The Scion Music(less) Music Conference was one of the first events we were formally invited to cover, and we learned a lot, but one of the most interesting panels dealt with the question of managers, what they bring to the table, and when you need them.
  • FMC Policy Summit Recap: The Eminently Quotable (and Possibly Crazy) T-Bone Burnett
    T-Bone Burnett has a very uncompromising view of music and its value. Second only to Martin Atkins in quotability, the long-time producer and musician looks at his work as art, pure and simple, and not at all as a commercial product. Of course, that’s an easy view to take when you’ve produced platinum-selling recordings, but his comments down at FMC reminded us that each artist must decide on a balance between art and commerce.

For a complete list of Best of 2010 pieces, click here.

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